Cinnamon Spa

At Jafferji Beach Retreat, you will find luxury at its best. All our beauty treatments are given using the finest natural and local ingredients, leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and completely refreshed. Cinnamon Spa offers holistic therapies that go far beyond those of a typical spa experience. Inspired by the various rejuvenating practices of different cultures, techniques and philosophies, the Spa will enchant you with a selected spa portfolio, bound to deliver a perfect wellness experience. Your spa treatments can also be organized in your room with complete privacy upon request.
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The majority of our products are hand-made with locally sourced produce and spices such as coffee, sea salt, coconut, seaweed, cloves, rice, turmeric, and more. We source our products from local farmers and spice plantations, ensuring first hand that all produce is of a high quality and organic.


Cinnamon Spa is home to calmness. We, proudly made in Zanzibar’s provide a safe, caring and peaceful environment with professionally trained staff and excellent facilities. Please respect our staff and other spa guests by refraining from smoking, consuming alcohol or using mobile phones when visiting the spa. Arrive 1o minutes before your scheduled appointment as late arrival may, unfortunately, limit your treatment time.

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