For Your Soul

Escape the storm of stress and self doubt and get in tune with your inner self with our magical, soul-soothing Night Spa massage, We have discovered that there are not too many things in this lifetime where one can relax as the waves roll in and the warm sea breezes transports you to a state of total bliss!
Jafferji Beach Retreat and Spa offers the perfect romantic setting for wedding vow renewals and marriage blessing celebrations. Celebrate your love amidst a beautiful, idyllic beach setting.

For The Knoweldge Seekers

Keeping up with the trend of “experiences” and personal growth promoting travel, spas are now getting into the learning game providing guests not only 60 minutes of high-touch escape but also the knowledge of self-care that they can take home with them.
These lessons educate guests in aromatherapy allowing them to blend their own bath oils and scrubs using traditional methods.
Henna painting is traditional Zanzibari art and you can also get a tattoo on your hand.
Also Jafferji Beach Retreat delights children and adults alike with one of a kind painting classes derived from the style called the Tinga Tinga Canvas.

For The Adventurers

See the most romantic side of Zanzibar by taking a sunset cruise for two to celebrate your newly made vows or rekindling that romance by private dhow cruise and Ngalawa rides.
Also we provie trip to Mnemba Island the Conservation Area is a picturesque atoll just off the beach of Matemwe. Perfect powder white beaches circle the island with turquoise water lapping at the shore. A diving favourite, Mnemba’s circular reef is ideal for both beginner and experienced divers.

For The Culture Enthusiasts

Explore the semblance of “Out of Africa” at the Retreat.
Enjoy Tanzanian delicacies and lots more at this very exciting African style theme night.
Also have you ever wondered what the people of this island eat and how they cook it? African Zanzibari dishes combine the art of delectable taste and freshness. Our cooking lessons are designed for those who want to learn how to create delicious Swahili meals.
Earlier in the day, in the city, you will be treated to small cups of kahawa, black coffee infused with cardamom and served with kashata – a caramelized peanut snack.

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