Photography is a staple of everyday life. We’re bombarded by images 24/7 and since the dawn of the digital age, it’s been easier than ever to take pictures. For the last 25 years , Javed has been photographing the islands of Zanzibar and now he opens his own photo gallery with work shot in Zanzibar and Tanzania. Considered an iconic photographer and having shot more than 200,000 images, it has been difficult to present only a couple of hundred images at the gallery.

The idea is to print the photos on an archival canvas so that visitors and travellers can take prints back with them from holiday. All canvasses are German and the photos are printed on Roland printers with high quality images.

Currently, we have a large collection of historical pictures of Zanzibar, rare historical and African maps, galleries of Zanzibar’s Stone Town, Zanzibar doors and wild life of Tanzania.

We also offer a selection of posters and vintage prints as well. You can also see some of his books , more than 50 in total published over the last 20 years along with limited edition postcards. The photo gallery also has a great collection of Tanzanite and jewellery designed exclusively for the Tanzanite gallery.
A trip to the Javed Jafferji Photo gallery is a must on your visit to Zanzibar on Shangani street.

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