Do & Donts

When in Zanzibar

  • Remember and respect that Zanzibar is a Muslim society. Don’t walk around Stone Town or other towns and villages dressed in bikinis, miniskirts or similar clothing. Women should cover their shoulders and wear trousers or skirts that reach below the knee. Men should not go shirtless. Don’t go topless on the beaches! Bikinis and swimwear are acceptable on tourist beaches, but not if there are fisherman or seaweed harvesters nearby.
  • Although alcohol is freely available, drunken behaviour is considered offensive.
  • Ask for permission before taking pictures of people or private houses.
  • Be careful when walking on beaches late night or early in the morning and don’t carry valuables or walk alone.
  • Don’t accept tours or transport from unlicensed ‘beach boys’ in Stone town; their services are illegal and unreliable. Only use reputable tour agencies or official government guides.
  • Enjoy your time in Tanzania!
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