Culinary Delights

At Jafferji Beach Retreat you will experience the nourishment of both body and mind: simple food for the delight of good eating; majestic simple spaces, scents and sounds will feed the mind. Here in Zanzibar, the flavours of the simplest of foods acquire a special intensity. The central dining area allows guests to socialize while enjoying the diverse cuisine on offer alongside the sparkling panoramic pool. This unique dining is available to both hotel guests and outside diners. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

With the use of indigenous flora and fish; the menu at Jafferji Beach Retreat is served fresh. Entwining the influences of local Zanzibari cuisine with seafood, our dishes overflow with inspiration from all corners of the Indian Ocean. The culinary team aims to provide an experiential dining experience every day. These range from a Zanzibar themed menu with various fish dishes complemented by sweet and spicy sauces, to a beach barbeque next to a pool, to whisking our guests off to private beach or for lunch on the flat sands. Whatever your desire, dietary requirement or special request, our team of chefs will be delighted to cater to your needs.

Barefoot Dining Experience

You can carry on your barefoot dining experience under the stars as well! Be it a romantic candlelight dinner or the ones to celebrate special occasions, there is something magical about luscious, barefoot dining under the Zanzibari starlit sky. Come and experience the joy of elegant dining in flip-flops!


Shisha on the beach

We also offer the finest shisha and tobacco in a relaxed atmosphere for all lovers of the oriental lifestyle. Enjoy soft music and drinks with family friends, in an authentic setting.

Dining in a Maasai Boma

Embrace the culture of Maasai people enjoying traditional dancing ad fire making, while dining under the stars in our Boma. Known as nomads and skilled warriors, this African tribe is also a notable part of Zanzibar culture ad life.

Wearing its brightly coloured shuka they are dancing and singing the rhythms provided by a chorus of vocalists singing harmonies while a song leader, or olaranyani, sings the melody. The spotlight of the evening is fire making process the true vibrancy of traditional culture blended with Swahili cuisine delicacies from our Chef will make your holiday experience unforgettable.

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