Javed Jafferji

Javed Jafferji captures images to show his love for Zanzibar. Since completing his education in London where he did studied photography and filming, he returned to Zanzibar . He is a professional photographer living in Zanzibar. He has lived in Tanzania, Pakistan and the United Kingdom, where he studied Photography, TV and Film at Paddington College and Salisbury College of Art & Design. He has received the Almanacs Top 100 Africans of 2000 for his work in promoting Africa worldwide. After college life he worked as a paparazzi photographer photographing the royal family and celebrities. On his return to Zanzibar in 1995, he started his life as a photographer publishing coffee table books and the count has now reached over 90 books along with various magazines and other publications.

Today Javed heads Gallery Publications, Print Plus East Africa’s premier publishing house and printing press which produces the annual Travel and Tourism Directory in association with Tanzania Confederation of Tourism and its members. Gallery Publications also produces the bi-monthly Swahili Coast magazine, amongst others. Javed has produced over 70 books on Zanzibar and greater Tanzania, as well as a number of magazines. He has travelled the whole of Tanzania and photographed national parks and games reserves over 20 years.
Besides photography he manages Gallery Tours and Safaris, Jafferji House and Spa, a boutique hotel in the heart of Zanzibar’s Stone Town and the newly opened Jafferji Beach Retreat in Matemwe.

Javed is also a filmmaker and has made 5 films and won awards for them.
His love for Spas enticed him to start Cinnamon Spa six years ago which is now a renowned and established concern. Along with his wife he also runs Zanzibar Gallery – a gift shop in Stone Town.

Now his newly opened photo gallery will add more value to Zanzibar as this will be the first professional photo gallery on the archipelago. You can also buy online prints from this web site. All prints will be couriered By TNT to your address.

Javed was also a board member for 5 years of the Dhow Countries Music Academy.
Javed started The Lions club of Zanzibar to help the needy in Zanzibar is its president.
Javed is board member of the Zanzibar association of Tour Operators investors and he is also the Commissioner for Tourism, helping and assisting the government to promote tourism.

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