Set on pure white sand that stretches for miles, with open spaces and total freedom in a unique environment, Jafferji Beach Retreat – A boutique hotel and spa, is a private, luxury and peaceful retreat – your home away from home.

Jafferji Beach Retreat is the ultimate destination for self-discovery on Matemwe beach with magnificent views of Mnemba Island. Arab and Indian influences blend seamlessly with African architecture throughout the retreat, accentuating the cultural heritage of the area. Located just 60 minutes from the airport and the capital of Stone Town, Jafferji Beach Retreat offers the perfect getaway for couples, families and friends.


Unguja Island, popularly known as Zanzibar, is just off the coast of Tanzania and forms part of a larger group of islands called the Zanzibar archipelago, many of which are uninhabited. This exotic and mysterious island has enticed travellers and traders for many a century.

Being in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar has influenced the trade routes of both traders and colonists. It became a power to be reckoned with in its early years, supplying the world with slaves, gold, ivory and silks. Trade with the east brought Islam to the islands, making it an important part of Zanzibari culture.
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Activities & Excursions


Mnemba Island Marine Conservation Area is a picturesque atoll just off our beach. Perfect powder white beaches circle the island with turquoise water lapping at the shore. A diving favourite, Mnemba’s circular reef is ideal for both beginner and experienced divers.Visibility in Mnemba is usually great with an average of 10 to 30 meters.

This breathtaking marine ecosystem is famous for sightings of green turtles and dolphins that like to join you as you snorkel or dive while the seasonal migrating whale sharks and humpback whales announce their presence with an occasional spout of water.

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Jafferji House & Spa

Located deep in the heart of Zanzibar’s historical Stone Town, Jafferji House is an elegant boutique hotel. Recapturing the romance of travel, it beautifully combines modern luxury with the mesmerizing heritage that has shaped Zanzibar’s history. Read More.

Pallm Beach Zanzibar

Barefoot island paradise located in Bwejuu Village; to the locals it’s a place to collect seaweed or to park your fishing outrigger. Traditional African style bungalows surrounded by palm tress on the beach with turquoise of the lagoon and an endless white sandy beach.Read More.

The Body of Nature Photo Shoot.

The themed shoot of portraying the finest and exotic nature in Zanzibar.
This was planned and conceptualized keeping in mind the beauty of mother land and the exotic location of Jafferji Beach retreat.

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